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Hello and welcome to a brief tour of the website.


The site deals with topics from the martial arts world. This involves issues concerning the entire scene as well as a focus on specific associations and specific clubs.


All names of persons, organisations, companies, etc. are anonymized or fictitious. Any resemblance to actual names from the past, present or future is purely coincidental.


In the following we introduce different subject categories and expand on some articles which can be directly accessed by links.


The name of the website should be understood as a placeholder for any martial art or fighting sport from any country. This is also true for the employed technical terms. So anybody can consider whether the described things are or are not relevant for his environment.



What's it all about ?


The website takes up questions which are usually discussed behind closed doors or not at all. Among them are things many people do not dare to even think about.

Aspects considered include nuisances in clubs and associations, misconduct of instructors and examiners and executives and officials, as well as inglorious reactions of those ultimately affected by all this.

Throughout we refrain from any kind of phoney political correctness. Hence one has to reckon with questions and misunderstandings, some of which are treated in the FAQ.


Martial arts are walking a fine line between coddling and brutality, and one has to avoid to go astray.



What's on the shelf ?


The website features essays, specialized texts, experience reports, analyses, comments and satire. For better clarity, the contributions are arranged in categories, with smooth transitions as regards style and content.



Stylistic devices


The stylistic devices range from verbal slapstick to reading between the lines.


Although some contributions might sport rather crude language and low comedy, the contents are always inspired by real events.


Some articles depict framework conditions, e.g. the state of affairs in society, education, economy and media, which are shaping attitude and behaviour of people, who then carry undesirable tendencies into training. Examples for this can be found in the Budomenta, L'Eau de Do and Walk Through The Park texts.

And then there are articles generating an atmosphere of surreal lunacy, which describes best certain things.





General Disorders


Articles within this first column give thought to everyday topics, such as the personal training attitude in Reasons to Skip Training  and TINPOTEP. Aspects of belt examinations are presented in Gradings. The role of language and symbols for the increasing rate of self- and mass deception is shown in The Name of the Game. A related subject is the definition of Rank Levels.

Some other low points so far are treated in the Olympic Overture.

The often raised question about the best fighting style is addressed in The Best Martial Art and Daniel Ragebelt on The Best.



The Antisensei Virus


Next the term antisensei (anti-master) is introduced. Depending on context, it designates either certain real persons or a general prototype for degenerate behaviour.

One central element of martial arts education is the awarding of ranks. Nowadays these are often given away like freebies, sometimes garnished with flimsy justifications, as is demonstrated in the Platform Strategy. The long-term consequences for individuals and for the entire training process are described in T-Shirt and Coral Reef.

Finally, prospective Machiavellis might be interested in Assembling a Patriarchy.

Nevertheless, some problems can be easily solved, as set forth in Nemesis.





These days, many things advertised as martial art do not live up to that claim. The established traditional terms and their connotations are often misused for selling perverted, often meaningless, diluted or brutalized contents. Product Piracy portrays this as fraudulent labeling and trademark infringement.


In real life many problems occur time and again. Therefore the articles of this website sometimes cover similar topics but differ in focus and stylistic means. The Road Test examines the condition of a club through a  car analogy. Opus 77Opus 88, and Opus 99 - Blue Circle are reviews of abstract paintings with embedded allusions to various other subjects.


The Auction shows that give-away events for ranks are not limited to student levels.

Breathing Technique 20XY depicts the loss of pivotal skills and their substitution by window dressing.


A martial art adaptation of the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" is presented in Little Red Riding Belt.


Our house special Fortune Cookies condense some issues into edifying aphorisms.


Movie buffs might be interested in Opus 55-A and Opus 55-B, which highlight aberrations of cinematic craftsmanship, while aficionados of art exhibitions are invited to the Budomenta 15.



TV Guide


The TV Guide illustrates events from the martial arts scene, based on current and classic TV shows and movies, such as CSI, Star Trek, Mission Impossible and King Kong.

In Belt Trek you find a possible explanation why alien lifeforms refrain from making contact with earth, and the Daniel Ragebelt columns explain the world.





Here those articles are stored which cannot be clearly categorized.


The Product Information lists the ingredients of the website, thereby once more clarifying its concern.

Consumerism and decadence motivate the Budo Fair.

The tendency to undermine martial art by sport is manifested in dead ends such as The New Club.


An analogy between extremely overvalued stock markets and the current situation at many belt examinations is presented in Market Crash.


Eventually, much of the martial arts world will be destroyed or fall into oblivion, such as the critically endangered Dan Bear.



Games and Riddles


These columns include the Antisensei-Bingo, which can be used to detect busybodies and charlatans. The reality of mock belt examinations is once more illustrated in Grading Cube. Common technical terms are requested in the Crosswords.





This category promotes problem-specific products and services, for example the Belt Shop, the Kiai Ringtone Shop and Grade Watchers. Insurances against common risks are advertised in Charlassecure II.

The perfume store L'Eau de Do is devoted to the way of colorful fragrances.



Additional Material


When writing articles, there is frequently some text which in a sense belongs to the subject matter but which will eventually be cut out. Among the possible reasons for doing so are too much overlap and inappropriate style. The sub-categories of Additional Material keep left out parts of articles and also completely omitted articles. In some cases, there are alternative versions of text parts or of whole texts.



For questions, suggestions, criticism, and threats please use the e-mail address info@karate-doctor.de .





Upcoming topics are listed under Outlook. However, sometimes texts will be published without prior notice. Some articles are motivated by international events paralleling the situation in the martial art world, for example the above mentioned Market Crash.



Several columns are still under construction, which is indicated by the Work Area signs  Work Area  and  Construction .



This completes our short tour.

Thank you and good bye.

Until the next time.


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