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        Olympic         Overture


The floodgates are broken

The sentinels have failed

Five rings are approaching

By some they are hailed

As a token

Of publicity boost

Now the chickens are coming home to roost


The plight was called by royalty

To raise their fiefdom's potency

The schemers are pining for mining the greed

At a fun fair of ignorance

For a theater of deceit

With a zoo of indifference

In a circus of conceit




The castle is besieged

And seals are breached

When the drawbridge is lowered

Vandals storm the yard

Deals were brokered

For the show to start


The curse of the purse has been invited

So any knave can now be knighted

The liege betrayed the common bequest

Forsook the yeomen and tainted the crest

Some jockeys of lackeys came into bloom

The jester is hunted for mocking the doom




Editors deceived the books

While covers have retained the looks

Also the titles stay the same

For trading on their name


Pages were banished

Chapters have vanished

Words redacted

Characters ejected

Comments deleted

Plots depleted

Bereft of foundation

Dragging the stories into stultification




Strange gardens are ceded in sprees 

To estranged garden varieties


Athletic bees

Hop around plastic flowers

Amidst a mechanical breeze

And dehydrated showers 


Cactuses' prickles

Are styled with sickles

Truffles are replaced by self-serving shrooms

Some seeds took refuge in panic rooms




The captain has stranded the ship with intent

His lifeboat is cosy; his rank will ascend

Passengers marooned on a narrow plank

Have cockily fallen for the uniform's swank


Corporate sharks are circling the waters

Charming pirates target the quarters

Envenomed islands tempt to sojourn

With wellness beaches and unconcern


Unfettered vessels lie in the roads

To take the voyage to promising coasts

The cruise will continue

The quest starts anew

For bright meadows

Under genuine rainbows

They are still there


Or elsewhere


2019 TDI