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Once again, there was a scandal ahead of the exhibition, when some performance artists were forbidden to dance with running chainsaws in the pedestrian zone. Parts of social media describe this as a violation of personal rights. 


And on that bombshell, welcome to a tour of the Budomenta 15. Today's commentators are


the Olympic champion in underwater parachuting,

the curator of the Gallery of Prehistoric Acrylic Paintings, 

a professor of refrigerator opening science,

the worldwide only coach for the selection of woodchip wallpapers,

the spokesperson of the organisation "Tuesdays for Warp Drive"

and the political correctness unit.



At the entrance, a sign post is pointing to the waterfall of dreams, one of the crowd pullers, where all roads are leading to.   


But first we are greeted by old friends that were already well received in the past. They are bread roll sculptures of different sizes, where people can push money or crawl into.


The classics with cult status.



On a wide boardwalk we are strolling towards the central building. Running parallel is an installation with donkeys on a treadmill, which are following carrots mounted in front of them.


This has a symbolic density that would clog any black hole.



Our route leads past the palace of philosophizing wrecking balls to an open space, where concept artists are playing jackstraws with tree trunks while quoting Shakespeare. In the adjacent theater, the "Sides of Beef" Ballet is performing an unforgettable choreography of Swan Lake.


Several TV stations are refusing to broadcast the production.


There is no single four-letter word to describe what we just witnessed.


A blast for aficionados of climate changes.



In a flowerbed, one can watch a drama group who is only performing on Wednesdays between 5 pm and 6 pm. Disguised as trees, they are thrashing seedlings with watering cans. According to the official catalogue, this is addressing traumatic experiences with public transport.


Rumor has it that they are influencers sponsored by the auto industry.


Shouldn't they be in the internet and tasting cosmetic products ?



Behind it you see a swimming pool with a ten meter diving platform, albeit without water. The area was sealed off after radical gravitation deniers had announced a performance with the name "Downforce - Our Friend".


Subsequently, professional complainers were calling for demonstrations against censorship.



One of the main attractions is 'Blockchain in the Meadow'. Here 100 cows are aligned next to each other and flanked by a ramp.  Every hour, a robot pig with artificial intelligence hurtles on it and dashes over the cattle. In doing so, each animal is branded with a digital code, which is acknowledged with the emission of a methane cloud. At the end of the line, the pig leaps up into the air, dispenses a Bitcoin and grunts, "The mining is completed."


This is an important contribution to national education. You rarely get such a vivd explanation of hightech.


What a futuristic world we are living in.   


But the carbon buttprint of the installation exceeds the tolerable limit.


Even though environmental protection is an important aspect of this event. Unfortunately, most of the waste ends up in the vegetation since at a certain filling level the trash cans are mistaken for artworks.


To secure the energy supply, a fully functional nuclear power plant was built of Lego bricks. The project failed when guerilla craftsmen converted the facility into a wind turbine. However, this device was not put into service, because the minimum distance to a toad population could not be maintained.


Now politicians are spinning the construction as a cooling fan for mixed forests.    



By chance we discover an observation deck with a clear view of the surroundings. All over the terrain you find barriers and visual covers. Apparently, the show was built on a previous exhibition, which was gutted and whose facade is reused.



Meanwhile, the public enjoys numerous new art forms. We spare ourselves the enclosure with upholstered sledge hammers and the hands-on sewage plant, not to mention the fountain of modern water, which is spraying finest desert sand.

Instead, we are enchanted by the pavillon with stealth electric scooters.


Some can already drive autonomously.


My goodness ! What if they start thinking ?


In the amphietheater, pets and pastries are ennobled. The audiences with Baroness Badger and the Earl of Bun have millions of followers.

Sticking out a mile is a wall mosaic consisting of hundreds of mirrors. It has the name "Swarm Stupidity" and is the most photographed object of the exhibition.


Close beside it, the works of old masters are coated with thick layers of oil paint. This is gloryfying the reversion to inessentials.


And on a deeper level debunking the inflated romanticism of technical perfection.



The next stop is at the stage with toilet paper unwinding artists. Underrated and ignored, they embody the reduced art term at its finest. In addition, they define the founding work of a direct democratic form of expression. After a long development and ripening process that encompassed juggling, tossing, stacking and carrying, the final breakthrough was made.


Yes, many will say, "I can do that too." But no, not like this, not with this perfection. And one has to come up with it in the first place.



Another revolutionary approach is pursued by the artist collective SANFT, which stands for Super Augmented Non Fungible Token. The high resolution image of a gilded toilet brush was transmitted to the International Space Station, orbited the planet 9.81 times and was sent back to Earth. Then the horoscope of the brush was cast and, together with the image, auctioned for a seven-figure sum.


This is ushering in a new era of fine art.


What a magical shortcut to cultural pessimism.



A sculpture on a pedestal is titled "Blue Metal Sphere", whereas it is unambigously a green wooden cube.


Such a gorgeous ornamentation for breaking the chains of an antiquated use of language.


Let's ask the artists themselves. What do you want to express ? 


It is the utopia of personalized linguistics based on cubistic visions.


Language is changing, and anyone can and should actively participate in this endeavor without restraint.


From the same school of thought emerged a rubber statue of intertwined pretzels. The politically correct title of the work is several pages long, but goes by the name-avatar "Upf-XV5".


This has an unlimited systemic relevance.


A cornucopia full of anti-discriminating emancipation.



Up next, we enter a labyrinth of overlapping rooms, which only vary slightly from each other and are at regular intervals flooded with different colored light. Soon, one loses one's bearings, roams blithely around the complex and gets heavily entertained, but can eventually leave the maze effortlessly through a big black gate.    


Outside there is another hint to the waterfall of dreams. From a distance one can hear refreshing gurgling and see a rainbow shining in all hues. We are eagerly approaching the exhibit and realize that it is a house-sized, transparent toilet bowl flushed with colored water.


On the way back we are amazed by a parade of the last unicorns. At the exit, every visitor is presented one of the popular soap bubbles on a stick.


What is the future holding ? There is every indication that the spectacle is going to develop into a poisonous caterpillar trying to colonize its environment.


But maybe evolution will surprise us and turn everything into a colorful butterfly.


Whatever might happen, there is still the Museum of Forgotten Art. A visit is always rewarding. Goodbye until next time.


 2022  DEA + GNM + HAW + TDI + UNE