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Collapsism 1

Collapsism I

HAW,  2011, Museum of Modern Martial Art




"The production costs of this image amount to 100 million U.S. dollars." This statement baffled experts at the press conference during its first public presentation. The explanation:  the object is not just a painting but a two hour long movie consisting of 172,800 separate frames, all of whom were copied on top of each other.



Form + Progress


The movie industry languishes. After the introduction of sound film, followed by color film, there were hardly any real innovations. 3D-movies are not yet mature, and the first 4D-movies received nothing but scorn and derision, except from some critics from parallel universes. For decades, the development of smell film has been stagnating in spite of billion-dollar subsidies from the chemical-pharmaceutical industry and until 1990 from communist states.

In addition, the stylistic means are exhausted. Even ambitous techniques, such as shaky camera, frantic panning shots and jerky zooms, do not suffice to realise the artistic dreams of modern filmmakers. A new tool was needed, and it was found by bold visionaries.

The idea originated from an anamorphic competition, which spawned concepts such as "Filming without Film" in accord with minimal realistic performance art, based on the "Zero Spectator Approach" by the dreamspace school and the "One Pixel Technology" from the compositional ultra-reduction friends.





The movie, the image, tells the story of martial arts from the beginning until today. Most contemporary shots are ruled by anti events, show anti masters, anti students, anti associations, anti examiners, anti graduations, anti clubs, and anti training. Since the frames are chronologically superimposed, the latest occurrences can be perceived best. At first sight, one might believe that the present condition is the measure of all things, possibly a pinnacle of evolution. The consumer's view is clouded by the poison of superficiality. Only at closer inspection, only at delving into deeper image planes, will the true backdrop be visible, exposing current incidents as a collage of horror.


Although the exploration of the work seems to be difficult, it can be accomplished by everyone with some commitment. Even the simplest scanning electron microscopes contained in physics experiment kits are able to visualize deeper regions. And the next generation of smartphones will not only include truffle pig capability but also apps with bluetooth interfaces to particle accelerators. That way one can embark on a journey, explore the reality behind daily routine, travel through the layers and history of martial arts and discover an unknown world. In addition, we witness the birth of a new scientific discipline, the so called martial art forensics.



International Reviews


The modern Pied Piper of Hamelin does not have a pipe anymore but an examiner's license, and he doesn't come from Hamelin either. And the budo associations have become mass-producers for give-away graduations, and their clubs are outlets for the materialized insignia of a commercialised self-deception culture. It is window dressing on an industrial scale, to such an extent only known from investment banking and hamster wheel power plants. This is the gist of the image.


... the fine arts are enriched by a new genre which even outclasses the most sophisticated cow elephant mobiles.


... we experience a funfair of incompetence and cronyism, which the image traces back to their roots.


Although the general visual impression is shaped by a mishmash of smudgy grey and black areas, there are now and then energetic patches of true colour.


The attempt to open tin cans with al dente cooked pasta is only surpassed in its appalling virtuosity by sugarcoating antidojos and antisenseis.


... ruthlessly reveals the serial bungling in wellness budo entertainment.


... one of those things which can change your life. An escape from bargain hunting for worthless rank symbols.


... portraying several generations of budoka on their idyllic way into disaster.


... the students' enthusiastic indifference is infectious and whets the appetite for encores.


... illustrates a development to joyfully turn away from.


... conciliatory insight that it can hardly become much worse.


... the romance between hypocrisy and power madness instigates an enchanting climate of decadence.


... heroes of the past turned out to be spineless minions.


... ritual training courses as a cash machine. An hommage to capitalistic rip-off.


... now the fruits of decade long conditioning can be harvested.





This artefact is the foundation of a new style in visual arts, the so called collapsism or hyper short film. Mocked and ridiculed like the first Impressionists, time is on the new genre's side and will bring about true and lasting appreciation.

The art form's inherent means of expression are ideally suited to portray historic-cultural milestones in a compact form. A sustainable view on reusable doomsday devices, online accupuncture and the plebiscite on climate change are within reach.

Thus, this exhibit is an analogy to developments in martial arts. Not only does it encourage the audience to learn lessons but also to generate new images, to continue the film and the history and to render the currently playing scenes a despicable temporary episode.

2012  HAW + TDI + UFA