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Flacon Toilet Lid

Swan Song 

Just in time for the new season arrives a further product for the mainstream market. No experiments but the cosy certainty of habitual monotony. A leaden exuberance lies on the entrenched top notes and drapes the perfume wearer into an aura of smooth perdition.

Flacon Toilet Bowl

Cauchemar Rose

The latest hit from the house of Coco Nuts. In the opening a rather unspectacular exponent of bungling bouquets. Only when the mist of novelty has faded away, does the presence of fruity dilettantism become visible. It is an orgy of graduated colors, boosting one's ego, and establishing a burden for the future.

Flacon Twin Atomizer

Trésor de Copinage

A sheer layer of sludge covers the teint and provides a lavish foundation for the following olfactory journey. A product for the entire family, which blends seamlessly into established worldviews. The prizewinning flacon is also certified as a dog toy.

Flacon Watering Can

Antidan N° 5

As usual, the updated Antidan edition carries us into dreamworlds. Additives oozing charm give a feeling of magical powers. Even newbies will be quickly captured by the colorful scent ladder. The hypnotic series of attested aromas suggests exalted sovereignty. A premium product of decorative cosmetics.

Flacon Bobble Cap

Forest Walk

An award-winning composition designed according to guidelines from the umbrella organization of commercial perfumers. Born in the olfactory slums of industrial mass production, this fragrance quickly gains momentum. It is the sensation of spending an evening in the sauna together with a sounder of hogs. An odour which will stay for years. Experts speak of a so-called smell-tattoo. Surely not for beginners, it replaces the daily bath in furniture polish.

Flacon Faucet Flacon Faucet Flacon Faucet

Flacon Faucet Flacon Faucet Flacon Faucet

Scent of Zero

An assortment of inferior ingredients consorts with ambitious tinkering. Never does the scent silo attempt to deny its origin. Usage of the fluid entails serious application of disinfectants. All flacons have the same content.

Flacon Golf Ball

Pillock's Delight

Never out-of-fashion, Pillock's Delight embodies an inexperienced helper primed to be exploited. The top note reveals glittering lethargy merging seamlessly with a heart of determined indifference. Any spark of fallow insight will be plowed under. It is a gridlocked escape, a journey in a roundabout, and an homage to the tradition of frozen hecticness. A real gem for the local botany.

Flacon Toilet Bowl

Grande Surprise

The international fragrance pyramid is enhanced by innovative facets. A cowardly base caters for beguiling inaptitude. The uncritical top note develops a latent adherence and mingles with powdery hypocrisy. The flacon can be effortlessly opened and closed. A functional atomizer facilitates the optimal dispersion of this Eau de Toilettes.

Flacon Toilet Paper

Count Manure

The flowery-laxative Count Manure is the aristocracy of perfumes. The elitist sprayer radiates the charm of a Shakespeare sonnet recited by a horde of macaques. Its viscous reverberation emulsifies mundane fraud with megalomanic conceit. The precious flacon can be easily disposed of before use.

Flacon Karate-Doctor Logo

Révélation KD

A new line from the Karate-Doctor manufacture, which covers the entire product range from vulgar over refined to subtle. This latest creation surprises with a low profile, only whispering attacks, and challenging the imagination.


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