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The Best Advantages and Disadvantages



Well then, searching the web for the best, most effective, strongest, easiest to learn fighting style or combat sport or martial art ? The discussion forums are indeed full of it, sometimes even really passionate. There one can get information and then decide what to do.

Bullshit, there is no general best. This is all drivel and idle marketing talk. Everybody has to find out what is most suited for themselves.

Likewise, there is no best musical instrument or best painting style. Having realized that, we proceed scientifically and ask for the merits and demerits of this and that. Then we can balance pros and cons to deduce logically what is really good.

Also crap, this is merely rephrasing the first question. It is not about toasters or cars which can be tested.

There are no universal advantages or disadvantages. There are only properties, which one has to experience and rate by oneself, in fact an infinite number of features. Now we will write down half of those, and in the meantime

we shut up, start thinking, and stop to consume the internet babble. Because this is incredibly stupid black bar .


 2016 TDI