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Frequently Asked Questions 



Are the website and its authors known in the particular club(s) ?

Yes, right from the start.


Why are the articles only signed with three letters instaed of full names ?  

This is done in order to achieve anonymity of the respective clubs and the criticised persons to the outside. If the three letter codes were replaced by real names, one could at least infer the club names.


How about a guest book or a chat room ?

This would also endanger the mentioned anonymity because sooner or later names would appear.


Do the website articles mean business ?

The website contains specialised texts, analyses, comments, and satire. But things are  in a state of flux. Yesterday's satire is the reality of today and today's satire is about to become the reality of tomorrow.


Is the website targeted against karate or any other martial art ?

No, on the contrary.


Is the website targeted against the concept of "sensei" ?

No, on the contrary. Therefore the concept of "antisensei" is introduced to explicitly separate correct behaviour from misconduct.


Shouldn't one keep these things in-house ?

This has been done, respectively attempted to do, for quite a long time. But, this only resulted in non-kept promises, subterfuges, censorship of the club journal, sacked trainers, and people in charge refusing to talk about unpleasant things.                  So, one could either have oneselves been shut up and watch inactively or break new ground, e.g. the internet. We chose the latter.


Is the website used for expatiating on personal resentments ?

No. Only topics concerning a broad audience and things of general interest will be dealt with. The articles are based on many experiences, on many observations of many people over many years. Purely personal issues which are not shared by others will not be raised. (This, however, could trigger many new articles.)


Are the website topics of any interest outside the particular clubs ? 

Yes. The club specific items are only part of the website. The other articles concern more or less the entire martial arts landscape. However, some club specific problems will probably be found in other dojos, too. And possibly even in non martial art clubs.


Moreover, the name of the website should be understood as a placeholder for any martial art or fighting sport from any country. So anybody can consider whether the described things are or are not relevant for his environment.



Is the website meant to propagate martial art for a small elite ?


No. The goal is to achieve realistic assessments and high skill levels for as many people as possible. Experience shows that nearly everyone and anyone can reach a master level, i.e. a real master level, if he keeps on practising. And there are many possibilities of how a master level can be embodied. However, some people do need longer or much longer or even much much longer than others. But that doesn't matter.