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Product Information







Specialized texts, analyses, comments, and satire.

Contains traces of cynism and polemics.



Mode of Action


Broad-spectrum scepticism.





Countering of charlatanry.


Treatment of severe holiday camp mentality.


Prevention of indifference.


Long term therapy of misconceived loyalty and chronical belief in authorities.





In case of known oversensitivity to renitency and subversion, one has to reckon with strong feelings of outrage about lese-majeste.



Precautions and Warning Notices


In case of a spontanous urge to exert physical violence against the authors or the upcoming desire to forbid the website, one should consult a dictionary for the definition of censorship, dictatorship, and freedom of press.





Simultaneous receipt of gift ranks might lead to latent doubts about the hedonistic society.   





The single dose is arbitrary. The best results are obtained before and after a training session. The effect can be increased by joining genuine dojos. 



Side Effects


Confrontation with reality may lead to cultural shocks and denial of one's own insights. 



Shelf Life


Because of the tenacity of the indications, no date of expiry can be forecast for the website content.                       


2004 GNM