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Platform Strategy


An Interview with the Antisensei from *** by the Business Desk.




Antisensei, what is your platform strategy ? 


Well, in my club there is a basic version of all martial artists. It consists of a set of techniques and the common quality norm. The differences lie in paintwork and accessories.


The techniques make up the chassis, and the belts are the paintwork, so to say ? 


That's right. There are different models, for example yellow, orange, and green ones.


And what are the accessories ?


The special techniques and katas.


So, for instance, the green version has a different kata than the orange version ?




And this new one, is it an additional feature or will it substitute the one of the predecessor model ?


Usually, the previous kata will be nearly completely erased.

The models must not be overloaded.


Do the katas and the techniques of the different models all have the same quality ?


Not yet at the beginning. On that score we are relying on the incremental standard of hope.


But upward quality variations are rather the exception.


Yes. My production process guarantees very small deviations from the targeted norm. 


Is it possible to describe the aspired quality level by means of a few characteristic parameters ? 




Exactly with which model will the desired green level be reached ?


About after the second purple painting.


And what happens then ?


Then it will be consequently kept on that level, more or less.


Other manufacturers pursue the philosophy to continously increase the quality.


As my company goal this is not tolerable. It requires too much effort and entails an enormous amount of rejects, so a full supply for the population cannot be guaranteed. In addition, this approach spoils the fun for many consumers. As a manufacturer we would run the risk to become unpopular. In this respect, the market proves us right again and again.


But quality wise your products are not competitive.  


We do have some very nice exhibition items.


These are statistical anomalies or imports from other firms on which you simply stuck your company logo.


You can be sure that the quality of any import will align with our quality standards after some time.


How is the quality actually tested ?


By the so called faith-inspection. I read out a checklist, and thereafter the product gets its seal of approval. We assume that the certification of a certain quality level will motivate the product to actually achieve it.


And if that doesn't work ?


Then a higher quality certifiicate will provide a further incentive for maturation.


How long will that continue ?


There is no upper limit.


In practical tests your products are rated at the lowest level.


If the public opinion shows no respect for my certificates and for myself, then that is morally reprehensible and utterly regrettable.   


Since all your products are based on a common platform and differ only minimally in quality, what are the main reasons to change from one model to another ?


It is a lifestyle product and offers not only increasing prestige but also to live out dreams inexpensively.


Antisensei, what are your plans for the future ?


Establishing new production lines and international expansion.


 2008 TDI