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Deleted Articles


The following links lead to completely deleted articles. In some cases, brief comments give an explanation why the specific text was omitted.


Kanji The Apologists of the Antisensei

Kanji Chaos Kyu of the Month

billard Graduation Billard

lawn Graduation Golf

bouncer My Do (Bouncer Version)

CSI Martial Art CSI Martial Art III

Lock and key Baits

Rubik Cube Grading Cube II

graphics Club Meeting 20XY - Version II

face April Fool I

pattern Famous Last Words 

frame Club Meeting III - Day Version

space Apollo 13 - II

 Apollo 13 - III


labyrinth Labyrinths II - IV  

CSI Martial Art CSI Martial Art V

face April Fool II

clapboard Soylent Greenbelt
 money Gradings VI - Version II                            Chessboard Dojo Chess                        
 Board Dojopoly

pattern The 7 Martial Art Wonders of the World

stamp Rank Examiner

foam DoDil PLC

 Face April Fool III  Face April Fool IV


Crossword Crossword 2                                        Crossword Crossword 3