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Planet of the Antisenseis





The karateka X, Y, and Z travel in a space dojo, utilising artificial deep sleep and time elongation, into the year 3011. They crash on a planet presumably hundreds of lightyears away from earth.

Soon they run into a degenerated association of hyper-overgraduated antisenseis, who have declared open season on battle cry deprived martial art students.

While helping the hunted, X gets injured and finds himself in a club of the antisenseis, led by the greenbelt psychologist A, a 25th black belt. But A is different from the other antisenseis. She supports X and tries to save him from B, a 52nd black belt, who advocates compulsory rank promotions. B fears that the example of an underrated genuine master might cause a flood of insights with the population.

X escapes from the antisensei club to a region of the planet known as the forbidden budo zone. When X switches on an old computer, he stumbles over remains of the Karate-Doctor website and realizes that he didn't land on a foreign planet but back on earth. The civilisation had perished in a nuclear war, and earth is now beiing ruled by antisenseis.






Ki Aye                                    flag CDN



The new reference of the

whistle blower genre.



9-5 Entertainment        flag D


... nothing understood because there is nothing to understand.



    Sleaze Frame         flag D


... irresponsible attack against the guarding foundations of established structures ...


Final score:

Dangerous waste of time

















ScreamScreen            flag GB


Scaring the living beltcolors out of any serious martial artist.


flag D

Light Poets


It is Bosch and Bukowski and the Leviathan, united.

It is the apocalypse. Each further viewing of the illumination reveals a new detail.








                    Budömövväg                          flag S


En nära perfekt avvägd produktion.

Ett klart rekommenderat köp!



                   Terroir des Images                     flag F


Un excellent film qui rivalise les indémodables chefs-d'œuvre du genre.


Beaucoup de sarcasme et une terrifiante révélation finale.


Un nouveau grand classique.


La planete des antisenseis va être une révolution du film d'arts martiaux.



                        Cellu Lloyd                   flag GB


Incredible computer animations. Hosts of antisenseis and lackeys generate an apocalyptic mood with a hitherto never encountered intensity.




Budo Association Privy Seal     flag D


This unimaginable crap once again justifies arguments for central censorship.









                   OberlandFilm                   flag NL



Planet of the Antisenseis is een donkere en gewelddadige sciencefiction film van regisseur en schrijver Karate-Doctor.


... is echt de beste sciencefiction film ooit gemaakt dus dat beloofd wat.



ColorFilm Week              flag AUS


Successful remake of a classic.

... literally screaming for a sequel.



 Mayhem Parlor                    flag GB


... haven't had such fun since

                                    the Chain Graduation Massacre.












Projector Move                   flag USA


... raises the question whether it is a

                                    feature film or a documentary.


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