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Dawn of the Overrated


When there is no more room in anti-dojos,

the overrated will walk the earth.




Remake of the Romero cult movie from 1978.





Romero's  horror classic "Dawn of the Dead" seems to lend itself as a source for remakes. The year 2004 brought a feature film of the same name and also the british comedy "Shaun of the Dead". Now we encounter yet another variation of the theme, titled "Dawn of the Overrated".





A mysterious plague makes the overrated martial artists to leave the antisenseis' fun clubs and seek entrance into authentic dojos, longing for good techniques and mental energy. Soon, everybody engaged in training with them will be turned into an overrated himself.


Four traditional budoka manage to flee to a big sports arena. They find its parking lot infested with overrated members, driven there by their memories of events for freebie ranks. The refugees seek shelter in the relative safeness of a side wing. Access to a small gymnasium, shower rooms, makiwaras, and a cafeteria provide them with everything they need to carry out training. They resolve to seal off the building and to teach the enclosed overrated in small groups, hoping for repatriating them to the true budo life.


The plan works until a group of association officials unblocks the entrance in order to enforce the unity of all members at all costs. As the confrontation escalates, the refugees have to realize that it is the antisenseis and not the overrated who pose the greatest threat.





The movie comes in two versions: 





In order to get an 18 rating, scores of kihon and kata rank examination footage had to be cut. However, the censors left all kumite sequences untouched, because "The unrealistic execution of techniques is outshone by even more unrealistic distances so that any danger for possible imitators will be ruled out".





The indexed director's cut includes 30 minutes more running time, containing among other things a subplot which is totally omitted in the 18 version. On first sight, the extended footage seems to show fictitious nightmare sequences but soon emerges as the characters' real memories of their previous experience during a graduation event.








                      Cellu Lloyd                  flag GB


... the movie displays a symbolism which is relevant far beyond the portrayed societal group.



Lèse-majesté en film          flag F



La authenticité du "Dawn of the Overrated" est incroyable. Toute l´horreur de la hypocrisie est rassemblée dans les commentaires d´antisensei pendant la graduation.


En rétrospective, on peut regretter

l'absence des scènes inédites en la version "18".


Quand même: Regardez-le. Vous ne l'oublierez jamais.




9-5 Entertainment                flag D


9-5 Life


... the usual hackneyed attacks on legitimately inaugurated authorities.


Rating: Skip at all costs








Cinema Rol                               flag NL

Dawn of the overrated is een erg controversiële film, waar de Karate-Doctor met sommige scènes duidelijk probeert te shockeren.  De film is een aanrader.


   Rubber Stamp Screen   flag D


... crosses the line of rationality, and the unconditional organized unity of all martial artists is being questioned.


Cinema Art                                                     flag A


The density of self-delusion and hipocracy is amplified by neatly interlaced monologues of several blundering instructors.





             Cinema Uno          flag I 


Ispirandosi liberamente al libro di Romero, i karate-dottori  dirigono un film avvincente anche se qualche déja-vu di tanto in tanto fa capolino ai nostri occhi. Dawn of the overrated è un’avventura ben scritta, che ha il pregio di catturare efficacemente tutto lo spirito della internet site originale.


Da non perdere.





                     ColorMovie Week                flag AUS


Everybody native to the world´s fun dojos will recognize the account as the essence of all bungling during recent years.


Anamorphic Delight                                     flag USA


Try to get the uncut version ! Actually watching high ranks tinkering with basic kata was one of the most funny and at the same time depressing moments in my career as a film critic and martial artist.




                                                                                       flag D


The authors are provoking an irresponsible intellectual crisis with those becoming aware of the movie's realism and recognizing themselves in it. 




Light     flag D



Aesthetical extrordinary images, which manage to unfurl the conflicting areas between sensei and antisensei, between kyu and antikyu, solely by coloring and shadow play.



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