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The quack has really eaten his belt.


Sure, otherwise we would have extracted the key on the direct way.


It is always rewarding to appeal to the intellect.


Anyway, we've progressed a bit.


Yes, into the next section, and here is no exit in sight. Also, it is quite chilly.


There is another microcasette recorder, switch it on.


Hello, baggage. This room is equipped with launch facilities for deep-frozen belts. In one minute they will be fired and gore you. To prevent this, your antisensei has to put his arm into the pipe mounted to the wall. Inside is a button with a fingerprint scanner verifying his identity. When the button is pushed, the countdown stops and a truth serum is injected into his arm.


Launch, where ?


It's true, they are all around.


Stick your arm in the pipe, charlatan.


Friends, it doesn't have to be this way. I have a great idea. Place yourselves around me, and no harm will come to me. Don't be worried, the elite and my secret knowledge will survive, and I can spread my spirit in many new and bigger clubs. I will name each club after one of you. It is your duty as students to protect me, your master. Otherwise, you will lose your honour. You will all enter history as ...


Drag him to the pipe !


I've got his arm.


Push it in !


No ! Help ! It is forbidden to do that to the sensei. 


Further, deeper !


Ouch !!




Yes, the clock has stopped.


And now ?


Wait and see !


We are still trapped.


Is the drug already working ?


Let's ask something revealing.


No, no, this is all secret. You are not entitled to know things above your play grades. It will do me harm. You idiots, assholes. You are conditioned to obey me. Without me, you are nothing, I am the ... the ... shit ... 


Hey, what's that ? The walls are being pulled up.


There are more rooms with people in it.


They are from other clubs and also instructors and officials from the martial arts association.


Look, what are those big multi-colored hedgehogs on the ground ?


Did you also have the syringe show ?


Yes, quite a few got their shots.


Pretty eye-opening what they are divulging.


Your club wimp could certainly contribute some edifying anecdotes.


LIsten to the morons.


Now they are explaining how members are being exploited.


It's been going on since when ?


We've been deceived all along.


Just ask them for their own ranks, nothing short of self-service.


Coming up: stories about people doing them favors.


What did he get his rank for ?




Who is a useful idiot ?


How did they handle the finances ?




Hey, how much money did you rake in ?


What ?


They make a killing before copping out.


And even have a plan in case their scam doesn't work anymore.


And now they elucidate graduation politics.


If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.






Quite an educational experience.


What are beginners good for ?


How did he call us ?


Worse than expected.


And look who is in on it.


Bloody minions.




Indifferent opportunists.




He did do what ?


Backbones like jellied yellyfish.


Corrupt liars.


They poisoned everything. I'll switch to full contact domino.


Keepers of the cesspool.




I've heard enough. I'll scram. Are you coming with me ?




Something is shining over there.


It is an exit sign over a fake door.


And the usual recorder.


Hello, witnesses. During the previous tests, you got the opportunity to see the truth. Now you can prove whether you are willing to draw consequences. In front of you are two bowls. One contains white pills, the other one black pills. If you swallow a white pill, you will leave the facility, all of your graduations will be deleted, and you can start afresh with a clean slate. If you take a black pill, you will leave the facility and get an undeserved official master rank from the budo association. Make your choice.


The pill routine seems kind of familiar. Methinks Shakespeare wrote something along these lines.


Whatever, I take the white one, I've had it up to here.


Me too.


On the other hand, it is a quick and cheap way to obtain a black belt. I take the black pill.




Otherwise, one has to practise for who knows how many years. And others are even worse than us.


True, besides it's only one graduation. Give me the black pill.




Do you see anything ? An open door ? A way out ?


No, nothing. I'm just getting so tired.


Me too, maybe the pills were ...







Oh man, what's going on ?


What ?


Here %#


$"!&- One electron on a stick with lots of aquarium, please. /=%§


How long have we been unconscious ?


No idea. But we are outside. One can see the starlit sky.


Yes, completely bright.


Such tranquility.


And it is pleasantly warm.


And we all have a black belt with a legit rank certificate.


The white pill people are not here.


Right, but there is the next tape recorder.


Hello, wannabe masters. Welcome to the Sahara. I want to play a game.








End of part II



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