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Address to the Nation 



I sneak into their brain

And when I have got in

I disembowel their mind

Assort it with my kind

Remove what might exhibit

The decency of budo spirit

Kick spine and honor in the bin

Replace it by my own doctrine


Then I will settle in

Avoiding to be seen

Behaving very kindly

So they will swallow blindly

The tale that by and large

It's them who are in charge

I let them debate

I let them state                           

I let them decide 

But if we collide

I let them know

Who runs the show


I do exploit with utter glee

The people who depend on me

Since newbies in a martial art

Rely on guidance from the start

I lure their trust into a trap

And nourish them with painted crap

Those who have not much conceived

They can be easily deceived


I shit a pile of excrement

And tell them it is the intent

With all the senses and unbound

To climb that mountain on the ground


They don't know what is happening

Until the final reckoning

When ranks awarded in profusion

Turn out to be a grand illusion  


I grant them all they want to get

I let them romp and play and chat

As long they do the ordered things

I will not cut the subjects' wings


Still I need some special hordes

Henchmen of their own accords

Who always with tremendous verve

Seek some authority to serve

Some do it out of fear

For others it is clear

The antisensei's tinsel fabric

Must be adored as blackbelt magic


On no account I want to miss

Those who search an ass to kiss

Who never claim another choice

Than listening to their master's voice

Who would obey just anything

For petty posts and cheap bling bling

For influence and fame

They glorify my reign


All those dwelling in my kingdom

Are my dear friends as long they cling on

Because for most obedient labors

I surely deign all kinds of favors

From power they won't taste a sample

But colored dreams they can get ample

Their lust for belts in many hues

Is satisfied fast and profuse


And if some lesser minion

Should question my dominion

He's fed with stories sweet and long

Which will persuade him to be wrong

And if his loyalty should fade

I do make clear his looming fate

That loosing me as his good mate

Severely hampers his next grade

Since outside of my fantasies

They would not reach any degrees

Their documents get toilet paper

Their ranks are only tinted vapor


Soon I will climb a cosy stage

I skim the club and raise my wage

And when I face my greatest fear

That whistle-blowers might appear

I call my servile advocates

Stupid but loyal hipocrites

I let them loose

They spin the truth

Although aware of the disaster

Do anything to please their master

Even the most corrupted fools

Can be employed as useful tools


I leave my hideout now and then

Defaming who is not my fan

Courageously I push a button

A dangerous rebel leaves quite sudden

Thus I reveal my glorious might

The marvel of my splendid sight


So when the people come to learn

Also the footmen will discern

That the right path does not pay

It will go on my rotten way   


And once I got the club annexed

Then comes the town

And then the rest



 2005 EWS,   2007 EWS + TDI