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Belt Trek


Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the stardojo bogus belt buster. Its continuing mission, to explore strange new martial arts, to seek out new styles and new dojos,

to boldly train where no one has trained before. 



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/09-1115.


Our long range sensors have detected strange fluctuations on

a planet at the fringe of the yellow belt. We suspend our tests on Sandan-3 to study the phenomenom on location.



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/10-1200.


The destination is within range of vision. Its surface is covered

with black and coloured spots.



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/11-0900.


We are in an orbit around the alien planet. Our science green belt assumes that we might be dealing with a high level civilisation. Before establishing contact, we send an unmanned probe to the surface.  



Sensei's Log, Stardate2205/05/12-1030.


Our cautiousness proved right. The hypothesis of an advanced population has been refuted. Analysis of the data shows that the species exists in a G-O-8-7 state, i.e. transition from yellow to orange classification in a pre-archaic environment with uncertain chances for survival. 



1.Kyu's Log, Stardate 2205/05/13-1845. 


The society is divided into so called colour bands and black bands. The colour bands service and worship the black bands, which they consider as their masters.



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/15-1700.


The culture appears to be more and more incomprehensible.
Sudden colour changes within the colour band population cannot be explained rationally. Even stranger is the fact that after some time colour bands switch to the black band group without any apparent reason.



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/15-2000. 


The evaluation of historic documents revealed that once an advanced civilisation thrived on this planet. A series of catastrophies must have caused the decline. All evidence

point to chronic infestation by the antisensei parasite.



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/16-1400. 


The origin of the observed perturbations seems to be clear. 

Sudden colour jumps have caused rips in the Kyu-Dan continuum. The consequences can be grave. Having reached a critical black band mass, it first blows up to a black giant filled with hot air. Thereafter, it collapses into a black hole from which one cannot escape by any known technique.



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/17-1000.


Budo association command has decided not to make contact with the species. The sudden awareness of their very situation might lead to cultural shocks and cause panic. A hunt for those being responsible would be unavoidable.



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/17-1200.


If this world ever developed the ability for long range training courses, it would have to be quarantained in order to avert intergalactic contamination.



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/18-1700.


To prevent an infection of our stardojo, we left the probe

on the planet and destroyed it in an out of training area.



Sensei's Log, Stardate2205/05/18-1715.


We return home, leaving behind some discharged androids for  building a website. The species has to be slowly adjusted to reality.



Sensei's Log, Stardate 2205/05/19-2000.


Many crew members reported to sickbay. While the mission did not bring about physical strain, there was an enormous psychological burden caused by the encounter with a dying martial art. The entire crew is granted additional leave for recreation on Makiwara-11.


 2005 GNM



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