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 Grade Watchers is the leading provider for martial art downgrading programmes

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Our Concept

You realize that belt examinations are fake. You know that you are overrated. Now you feel bad, cheated. You want to loose rank in order to return to reality.

We support you on your way to your goal rank. We teach you how to manage your training habits. Our instructors are experienced with antisenseis and freebie ranks. Case studies about overrated budoka will motivate you to loose rank and to keep it in the long run.


Success Stories


Unbelievable: In 10 months from brown belt to green belt

Feasible: Only 1 belt examination within 3 years

Consequential: Ignoring fast grade chains

Exemplary: No more favours for antisenseis

Special Offer

Examinations with master XYZ. Guaranteed failing quota of 43%.  




Rapid Test Kit

Detect the antisensei !                                    After only 15 minutes and 3 techniques successful determination of charlatanry.






Current Topics


How can I find a genuine dojo ?

Training out of town - Chance or risk ?

Changing the association - Back door or aberration ?

Quitting training - Race against the clock ?

Time and again - Promotion because feeling bored.











Underrating - The only way out ?


How to say NO in a group of overrated people without feeling shut off.



Imagine yourself in a room full of untalented students wearing very dark belts and talking ultimate crap. They are surrounded by beautiful women or handsome men. They are adored. They are respected. They are as good as you already were 10 years ago. They are frolicking because their next promotion is imminent. They look down at you. They sneer at you. Their new rank will make them instructor, your instructor.


Now you are at the crossroads between passion and glory. How will you decide? Can you resist? And even if you can, make no mistake about it,    the crossroad will be your devoted companion time and again and again and again.


Our programme will make you resistant without getting arrogant.














Book Recommendation


From Brown to White

The Myth Revealed



We all have dreams connected with rank reduction. 

But how realistic are they ? Find out with this book.

Juridical Advice

How to stop your local antisensei by an action for injunction 





NEW !! ---- Surveillance Pool --- !! NEW


  • Video control with error correction                                              
  • Free taster meeting - correction of 2 errors

         Regular offers

  • Basic rate -  correction of up to 5 errors
  • Standard rate - correction of up to 10 errors
  • Advanced rate - correction of up to 15 errors and 1 thought
  • Flatrate - correction of all errors and excoriating one's complete attitude


Question of the Week

Big events are full of graduation temptations.

 How can I resist ?







Customer Feedback


Great ! Now I don't have to get up early in the morning to attend the three-monthly rank give-aways.

I practice almost daily. When training in other clubs, I was always ashamed and said that I have been pausing for 10 years. Now I deserve my belt.

Establishing my own association just to be able to degrade myself became an obsession. The GWs brought me down when I needed it most.

I always thought I had to switch to a different martial art to be recognized as a beginner.   But this programme is even better.

After realizing my true grade, I boiled my purple belt together with my red socks.  












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