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Babbel Ludel Laddel



Part 2 - DNA  





I am now in the club of Schnawuffel. Do you know him ?


I do.


He is really good.


At what ?


He has won tournaments.


Yes, he did. And what do you gain from that ?


He can teach me efficiently so I can quickly reach a high level.


Winning tournaments or not has nothing to do with what you want to do or merely are able to do.


And he is a Fadaddel master.


He achieved his victories with his sportiness. Everything he does, also at Fadaddel, is to express his physical superiority through certain forms. That's what he is thriving on. You do not have any physical superiority and will never get one. For a short period of time you can rise a bit in the hierarchy of physicality, but you will eventually come down big time. That is not sustainable.


But one aspect of Fadaddel is to overcome physical superiority without even more physical superiority, the mental stuff ... somehow ?!


Yes, that is part of Fadaddel's DNA. Just, your instructor is not doing it. He might parrot it but does not know how to do it. He is adorning himself with the positive associations of Fadaddel. And he is using people's ignorance. He takes your money and wants to be your guru. Such guys also like to appear as personal trainers and life coaches.


But he has been awarded high ranks.


In this field some things are going wildly wrong.


Again: This guy is selling you his physical superiority as martial art. You could better go to a pasture and get yourself run over by some bull. That costs less and one is outside in the fresh air.

Would you then regard the bovine as a master or teacher and try to emulate its methods? Coming from a position of physical inferiority requires a completely different approach than starting from physical superiority. 


And what should I do now ?


Fadaddel is fine and has vast potential. The same is true for Imfibimfi and Lawaaffel. Find yourself a training environment and instructors and students who have understood this and want to pursue it. But this will usually take time. 





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