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Babbel Ludel Laddel



Part 1 - The Playing Field






What can be recommended? Maybe I should go to Jappadadda.


That used to be good. Now it is screwed up, completely morphed into sheer physical activity and bereft of meaning.



What about Matsahuffa and Flatarolla ? 


Matsahuffa is also pure sport. It does not contain anything profound and never did. They are practising it exactly the way it was conceived. At Flatarolla it is even more marked, where, over time, an increasing number of muscle masses has congregated.



And Wackozaddelrummel ?


They realized what happened, how they were undermined by mindless punch-ups. It remains to be seen whether they can detoxify.



There is growing interest in Wannapecunia. 


Completely commercialized and overall nothing special, in principle a discounter for ranks. It is on the verge of becoming a theme park. 



Permaquacka always comes across as deep and spiritual. 


Only, they are not. It is a deceptive pack, which was cobbled together by  pseudo-philosophers.



And Folazottel is ...


... a bunch of crackpots. 



Instathrasha are touting their outstanding realism.


Marketing drivel. Some bigmouths have gathered up some pieces and sell them as innovation. You will get the same in many other places, just much cheaper and with reputable people.  



How about Coachimuchi?


They are always jumping at the latest buzzwords, an all-out lifestyle product.





Completely different things are done under this name. Often, they have precious little in common with the original ideas, which are actually very good. Anyone can use this term at will. 


And its offshoot Bounciderbi is completely focused on tournaments. One can practice it until being physically sucked dry. If one can do it at all. Still more extreme is Focmittkun. It is based on taxing athletics and thus excludes most people from the outset.





Ohowpulchre can be mostly recommended. But even here you will see unpleasant tendencies.



What else is there ?


There is a wide range. On one end, you will encounter Nowaybash, which is mollycoddled and a kind of massage for fleecy clouds.

On the other end, there is Smashtheface and does exactly what it sounds like. At least they are candid and stay true to themselves.


Quite well-known is Juppyyodel. They have once heard of mental dimensions and are now adorning themselves with it. In reality, it is brute force fighting. And at Wumbamfit they embrace a hierarchy of physical superiority and call it martial art.


Jumpiaroundi is a pastime for and of the hedonistic society, with a high self-deception factor, basically a fitness center with intellectual remnants. 


Then there is Likeit Mattas, the organised superficiality without any potential for more.



So, everything is junk ?


No, there are always exceptions and also throughout good stuff.



And how do you find it ? 


Think about what you want to do, that is, not how it is called, but what you really want to do. Then watch different trainings and the people there. One does not necessarily realize at once where one has ended up. It can last some time to find the right environment. And often even longer.  





 2022 TDI