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Once the glaciers turned green       

A school of clouds

Poured dry rain

To prime the scene

And new sprouts

Claimed free rein

They lectured the trees

And sidelined the bees

Mushrooms fainted

When flowers were painted

Then prospectors joined the set

And rearranged the habitat




Uprooted pyramids got flushed into pits

While trainee triangles were putting on the ritz

Angular circles took the ride of their life

To the mountains' peaks

From the troughs of the hive

On a highway of bridges under rivers and creeks

Teeming with pebbles emulating rocks

And brawny tadpoles preying on frogs

Fish and ducks escaped to the banks

As certified eggs were vying for ranks

Some royalty popped up galore

And courtiers even more




The watchmaker watched in despair

How the apprentice took over and did the repair

Melting the dials

And with hammer and vice

Twisting the hands

Into surreal bends

Screwing the crown

Until the springs moan

Jamming the wheels

So that the case squeals

Scratching the chrystal

And warping the bezel

The watchmaker cried

When time died




As the theatre reached a critical mass

Of tunes from a far-off path

A toxic storm ravaged the lore

Right down to its very core

Musicians were shocked

Their instruments mocked

The ballet congealed

Actors reeled

With the chorus depleted

The conductor retreated

While the grand theme was gutted

A new episode started    



Playing Go with anvils

And Nine Men's Morris with dumbbells

And dominoes with menhirs

And jackstraws with spears

And Ludo with obelisks 

And checkers with megaliths

And chess with bollards

In Mixed Mental Arts



2021 TDI