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Appendism 1

Appendism I  (front view)

HAW,  2011, Museum of Modern Martial Art




"The production costs of this image amount to 100 million euros." This statement baffled experts at its first presentation. The explanation:  the object is not just a painting but a two hour long movie consisting of 172,800 separate frames, all of whom were glued on top of each other and thus building up a sculpture.



Past - Present - Future 


The movie industry stagnates. Buffeted by product piracy, almost reaching the scope of fakes in martial art business and by cheap productions from social networks, such as farcebook, squeak and drivel, one was looking for new purchasing incentives for the fastidious consumer. After the failure of smell film, feel film was launched, leading to high casualties among the audience and eventually to a ban of further screenings.


Now the world of appendisms sets out to open up new markets. The paradigm of mounting the frames onto each other is one of the most important innovations in cultural life during the past decades. It is a deliberate departure from and even a revolt against the ongoing miniaturisation, which is ubiquitous in pinpoint size notebooks and the increasingly popular quantum theory. And when was the last time you confused your small-format cell phone with a candy bar and put it into your mouth ?

Such a faux pas is hardly feasible with this artefact. It is 2.2 cm wide, 1.6 cm high and about 26 meters long.

The industry considers this rather bulky format as the successor of the DVD and praises it as a right step towards efficient copy protection. Moreover, it might trigger a revival of cinema, because most people's living conditions do not allow installation of the necessary equipment without damaging neighbouring buildings.





The movie, the sculpture, tells the story of martial arts from the beginning until today. Most contemporary shots are dominated by charlatanry, dilettantism, fraud, lies, cronyism and financial profiteering. The martial artists are misled by clearance sales of worthless rank symbols awarded after meaningless training. Not before delving into deeper planes will the true mechanisms become visible, debunking the present situation as a circus of intentional blunders.


Although the exploration of the work seems to be difficult, it can be accomplished by everyone with some commitment. Even the simplest weapons-grade lasers from supplements of popular science magazines are able to probe inner regions. And the next generation of smartphones will not only support online massage but will also have apps with homeopathic holography. That way, one can embark on a journey, explore the reality behind daily routine, travel through the layers and history of martial arts and discover an unknown world. In addition, we witness the advent of a new science, the so called martial art archeology.



International Reviews


The modern Pied Piper has swapped his pipe for an examiner's license. The martial art associations have become bulk suppliers for valueless graduations, and their clubs are distributors for the colorful status symbols of self-delusion. It is window dressing on an industrial scale, to such an extent only known from political canvassing and deposits for nuclear warheads. This is the message of the image.


... on the way to a classic. The fine arts are enriched with a timeless and barbarically candid genre.


... a visual shiatsu of real life satire.


... while the front view is governed by superficial grey and dark areas, the side view pretends a colorful potpourri of high class stylistic elements.

Appendism 1 side view

Appendism I (side view (section))


... we experience a carnival of fantasy graduations.


... training in certain clubs is as useless as car jacks made of mashed potatoes.


... an escape from attachment to pseudo-authorities.


... public opinion on entertainment budo stands as a monument to the triumph of advertising over substance.


... toadying to antisenseis resembles the courtship ritual of portable toilets.


... it is more probable to be beaten up by slugs than failing rank examinations.


... a comforting thought that it can hardly get any worse.

... the current situation is a buffet of cowardice, bungling, and rip-off.


... mesmerizing how role models of the past manage effortlessly to dismantle their own reputation.


... the artwork generates a melancholic euphoria about the decay of martial arts.





This exhibit is the foundation of a new style in visual arts, the so called appendism. Ridiculed and disparaged like the first Impressionists, time is on the new genre's side and will bring about true and lasting appreciation.

The art form's inherent means of expression are ideally suited to portray a wide range of hideous developments. Casting shows, nationalisation of bank debts and privatisation of traffic lights can now be viewed from a pluralistic vantage point.

Thus, this sculpture is a documentary about scandals in martial arts. Not only does it encourage the viewer to learn lessons but also to generate new images, to continue the history and to make current events a despicable episode.



2012  HAW + TDI + UFA