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Strawberries with Cream







So you say that everything is just mental ?


Definitely !


But you have arms like Popeye and legs like traffic bollards.


Sure, but you don't need that. It all comes down to the spiritual dimension.    


Yes, that's how it should be, but you do literally live in the weight room. 


That is irrelevant. Everything depends on the mind.


Exactly !


And you are the epitome of sportiness.


Certainly, but it is unimportant. The technique is the important thing.


The way you are built it doesn't matter what techniques you are applying. You could simply wave your arms around and have an effect. 


No, no. Our system is superior to all others. Our new instructor is also doing it like that.


Who ?


This one !


Where ?


There !






? ... !... Oh well, I thought it was the wall unit. 




And you could easily ... what is that ?  




What for ?


Before training and before competitions I always eat strawberries with whipped cream. That's the main thing.


You know that you look like the stunt double for the Hulk ?!


Of course, but it means nothing. The berries are the key factor, the berries. Everybody can do it. You can do it too. Just come over to our club. You can have a free trial session and a portion of strawberries with cream.





 2020 TDI