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Exotic Dreams




[ All word combinations in this text are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual word combinations is purely coincidental. ]









Hello, what are you doing ?


Canadian kung fu.


I switched to Spanish taekwondo. 


In between I checked out Scottish krav maga.


Now and then I practised Dutch alpine arnis.   


Always mistook that for glacier kendo.


Completely up-to-date is Hawaiian aikido.


Just as Australian iaido.


These days Galapagos karate is very trendy.


Jiu jitsu from Palau is also in vogue.


During our holidays we tried Sahara judo. Completely different from rainforest tai chi.


And we took a course in underwater boxing, the latest craze.


But really modern is Swedish Muay Thai.


Equally innovative as Finnish sauna kyudo.


Do you know, I don't remember the name, the one with Swiss Army Knives, which was developed by the Austrian navy for close combat on inland waters ? 


Don't they use cast-iron knitting patterns as weapons ?


Very exclusive and patented.


There was an interesting demonstration of North Pole capoeira in the ice rink.


MIssed it for the launch of cave wing tsun.


Hello guys. 


Hi. And what are you doing ?


I practise full contact Pokemon from the Jupiter moon Ganymede.


The best !


That is the future !





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