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Hi, what are you doing here ?


I want to pick up one of my kids.


Whom ?


Chuck-Chantal. It is just passing a belt examination.


Sure ?


Yes, we have paid.


Anything else ?


I got so upset with the trainer.


Why ?

He aborted a training session for safety reasons.

That makes sense. In some other club, part of a kid's ear was torn off because she wore earrings, and another one broke his finger at a friendship bracelet. There were also injuries because ... 


In such cases, one has to adapt the training to the behavior of the participants. The kids have to be pampered and learn to get their will.


That is absurd.


That's not the point. I attended personality development seminars and have to prove my leadership skills. And ...


And ... ?


I wanted to harass the trainer, but the idiot didn't fall for it.


What the ... ?


Now I will spread lies about him. One must never show any weakness and has to be dominant.


? ? ? ?


Where is my kid ? We have a full schedule.


S#!T=$&/()=\ !


It is already an influencer in its age group.


Right, flu shots are important.


I've already registered it for charisma training.


I too went to the dentist the other day.


There it comes. Chuck-Chantal - take your pills! The Artificial Intelligence Camp is starting soon.





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