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The Antisensei

 A case study




The antisensei    


The antisensei tells everybody that he is the sensei


The antisensei looks away from problems


Sits out

Condones misconduct


The antisensei is a role model

For opportunism

For spinelessness

For hypocrisy

For self-adulation

Craving for recognition


The antisensei

Like a liege

A monarch

No objection



Keeps people waiting

Like a dog for its master

And laughs


The antisensei says, "We are traditional"

Makes the shotokan tiger

A lap cat


The antisensei taught me something

The feeling of embarrassment

A big event

The antisensei shouts, "I am the sensei, I am the sensei.

                                         You do not expect me

                                              to stand behind the counter ?!

I tear off my club emblem

Saying I'm not from here, coming from elsewhere


The antisensei says, "My diplomacy will sort it out.

Plays to everybody, giving everybody what they want

The antisensei says, "We do not want any trouble.

Integrates what should be dumped


The antisensei says, "Everybody is calling for me. I got so much to do.

Imposes himself, wants to take part in everything


The antisensei kisses up to everyone

The antisensei says, "These are my good friends.

                                   I'm known everywhere and so popular.


The antisensei strives for total control

Interferes in everything

Wants to know everything

Wants to decide everything

Panic fear

That somebody might snatch away "his" club


The antisensei says, "We are so big, we are so good, we are so many.

Makes people stupid

Produces hordes of addicts

Who are stranded

Without his illusions

Calling for him

Calls them his fans



The antisensei

Self appointed local bigwig

Wants to set up branches

Wants to make politics

Needs a club with many people

Transforms a dojo into a holiday club


The antisensei lives in a dream world

Wants to sell it to everyone

As reality



The antisensei demands obedience


The antisensei demands respect and loyalty


The antisensei tells everybody that he is the sensei


The antisensei



 2004 EWS