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Practice of Relativity



Practice of Relativity


Practice of Relativity


Practice of Relativity


Climate change has catastrophic effects.


Yes, one cannot deny it and just continue as before. Soon our living conditions will be wrecked.



Parts of continents are being brazenly exploited.


Exactly, both from within and abroad. Many people don't yet understand that. It is vital to get media coverage of it.



Quite a few countries have absolutely incompetent administrations.


And these have often even been elected. Then again, one could just vote them out.



A number of cities suffer from a run-down infrastructure.


The system and those in charge have failed. Just imagine the potentials lying idle.



Many regions have intolerable exposures to noise and pollutants.


One should not put up with something like that. If the situation does not improve considerably, you ought to move away.



Today's consumer behaviour has severe consequences for the environment.    


That's right. Everybody has to change their habits or we will drown in garbage.



In your club the people are being duped.


What? That's nonesense! Do you think everything was better in the past? Are you the only one who knows what is right? My kids and I have done so much. No one will discredit that. You should be ashamed of yourself. I will ... well ... Fake News ... Help! Help! ... Nazi ... Communist ... Diesel Driver ... 


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