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Well? Have you switched to a different club and got a new instructor? So really assertive and dominant? Do you want to be like that? Will that boost your competence and pave the way to become an alpha animal?

Crap on steroids! Anyone susceptible to something like that has a huge problem, not only at training.

The point is not to reach a high as possible position in the dominance hierarchy but to get rid of the concept of dominance as such, both from enduring it and from asserting it.

And, yes, that is the opposite of what they shove into your minds at personality enhancement courses.  

And something else. Each time you get trained by such persons, you are raped in your mind. And you are even doing it voluntarily and pay money for it, you batshit ignorant schwarzer Balken - Zensur schwarzer Balken - Zensur schwarzer Balken - Zensurschwarzer Balken - Zensur !


 2023 MOI