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Hello, dear martial art sportspeople. Are you planning to join training? Great. And are you above a certain age? Does the nice instructor with the black belt say that you belong into the class for elders? Because it is specifically tailored to your target group? Because you are no more able to deliver the required performance? Where you can decelerate until being scrapped by today's daft society? Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? So hurry there, or rather poke along.

No, that is utter nonsense, a load of whisked bullshit. The idea is that all train together. One can always get better. It is not a sport where one is decrepit after some time. It isn't even sport at all.

Some people either haven't grasped it or want to make money. And what if you want to go there of your own accord? Because it's the same elsewhere and quite normal? In that case stay at home and watch cat videos until your mind has become broom-clean. And if some club should insist on settling you in an over-the-hill course, then they are brainfucked. So keep away from such dummies because they are dangerously ignorant  black bar - censored .


 2015 TDI