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Flacon Kryptonite


The noise of Bitcoin mining is blending with the rustling of Big Data in the cloud. Artificial intelligence is learning autonomous driving in server farms and connecting virtual reality in the Internet of things. Meanwhile the Easter bunny and the yeti are playing World of Warcraft in the 12-mile zone of Neverland. The perfume of choice for all digital carpetbaggers.

Flacon Spotlight

  Suidian Challenge

A dark screen. A countdown - 10 - 9 - 8 ... 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 ....

Slowly the room is being lit. An unknown person is standing next to a cage with a pig. The person smiles into the camera, quotes Nietzsche, takes the pig and places it on his head. An odour triggering the next megatrend.




Flacon Dragnet

Social Dragnet

This long-term haze seduces in the opening with a blissful community spirit. While the base is spreading personal touches, the heart is generating haunting images of daring provenience. On the sdelines, the head is indulging in a charming hiatus. A product not letting go of the consumer.











Flacon Influencer

 Birth of an Influencer

Soft light. Gentle music. Powder, creams and lipsticks from well-known brands perfectly placed and lit. A mysterious person enters the scene, turns her back towards the camera and starts applying the makeup to her buttocks. Scores of people are glued to their screens and crave for more. This accessory will accompany your personality on the way up.


Flacon Alarm Claock


An app lets the alarm clock go off while the 3D printer is making coffee. The robotic vacuum cleaner throws the dog out of the door and drags you into the shower. The smartwatch injects artificial intelligence and loads the program for the day into your head. A composition ahead of the times.


Flacon Can


You optimized your personal website so that it will appear among search engines' top results. The combination of your name and the words long-haired dachshund and dye gets you the deserved celebrity status. This perfume sets you apart from the crowds.

Flacon YouTube

Rise of a Youtuber

For his new show, the host is visiting a technology exhibition from the 1970s. He stops at an old landline phone and scrutinizes the exhibit from all sides. Finally he picks it up, lifts the receiver, tries to push it in his ear and yells at the dial. A bouquet reflecting the zeitgeist.

Flacon Cell Phone

Binary Kingdom

In online fitness centers you are preparing to achieve peak performances in e-sports. Thereafter you are relaxing in the virtual spa with internet massage until your avatar returns from the simulated university. Later on, your Tamagotchi is devouring vegan bytes until its blockchain blood pressure has normalized. The fragrance for those who want to immigrate to the Matrix.

Flacon Wall   

Firewall KD

This natural perfume refreshes with a virus-free base. The heart is refining blunt observations with playful cynicism. As with all Karate-Doctor products, the head note is unfolding brute transparency. A hightech-bouquet for the perfect balance of innovation and progress.



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