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Flacon Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest

The dream of all nature lovers regales with merciless realism. For each flacon of the essence ten square kilometers of rainforest are cut down and distilled, including the indigenous fauna. It is not only one of the most exquisite perfumes but also one of the most exclusive products. And all that at a surprisingly low price.

Flacon Golf Ball

Wet Paint

The pioneer of mild volumes lifts the ego with timeless window dressing. While the base is passing even the slightest muster, the free range top note flaunts sparkling fraud. The composition is topped off with the brute sensuality of homeopathic progress.

Flacon Watering Can

Paint Roller

Uncompromising quackery runs like a black thread through this composition. The constellation of arbitrary and perpetually changing ingredients encircles willing consumers. A product moving with the times.

Flacon Toilet Paper

Sterling Bumf No.5

The latest creation by Sterling Bumf, the shaman of scent, who receives his inspiration while rummaging in final disposal sites. Natural ingredients guarantee the legendary authenticity of the olfactory experience. The reward is a dialogue between precious rose blooms and finest musk ox flatulence. A concoction which is also suited as a gym haze.

Flacon Glass Ball

Baroness of Slutcastle

A walk on the beach, sunshine, fleecy clouds, fish inside and on the water. Wild essences from close-by factories ennoble the poetry of nature. A personal stage for the charm of blithe indifference, which is also marketed under the name People's Bouquet.

Flacon Bucket

Pig Seeking Farmer

The perfume to the same-titled TV show offers an atmosphere of rural landscapes. A dirty top note swirls around the easygoing austerity of a charged up farmyard smell, well-rounded with the vim of a freshly manured field. A niche product for aficionados of ornamental troughs.

Flacon Toilet Bowl

Cuisine Intégrée pour Famme

When entering the room she is greeted by dimmed lighting. Her plan is thought-out, the execution is versed. Masterfully she negotiates the obstacles of stove and sink. Switches and buttons become musical instruments with which she is creating a culinary symphony. A perfume for female executives who want to escape established stereotypes.

Flacon Jackhammer

Matador pour Homme

The arena is filled to capacity. Crackling suspense, scorching heat. In the center the matador, strung up, focused. Slowly the cast-iron gate to the cattle shed is raising. With deafening noise a chicken is storming out and charging at its antagonist. It is getting closer and closer. He waits to the last moment, shoulders his rocket launcher, sets the homing guidance to poultry and pulls the trigger. Relief when the missile explodes, then applause turning into cheering. Every moment of the event is captured in this perfume. A fragrance designed to make heroes.

Flacon Screwdriver

Sash Stairs

Liberated from the tenet of credibility, the erstwhile quality product evolved into a symbol for standardized color effects. Embedded in a classy box it guarantees sustainability for the manufacturer.

Flacon Karate-Doctor Logo Flacon Karate-Doctor Logo Flacon Karate-Doctor Logo Flacon Karate-Doctor Logo

Quattro Stagioni KD

The four seasons cycle from the Karate-Doctor workshop concludes with an unlimited anniversary edition. In spite of different colors the flacons do hold different content. It is a varied selection of coveted collector's items with nostalgic value.


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