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Flacon Bottle Bank

Muse of Inspiration

The long expected third part of the city tour surprises with ever more superflous presence. The sewage system of Paris served as a model for this fragrance, which promises an olfactive emancipation from the cleanrooms of our hightech society. An asset for every ambitioned irritant agent collection.

Flacon Watering Can

Black White

A collage of cheap ingredients pleases the user and completes the top note with irrelevant varnish. The in-house coloration rewards the base with a varied selection of burden-free messages. The guaranteed olfactory journey is addictive and leads to further purchases.

Flacon Stone


This gem is a painting made of fragrances. An inviting undertone draws the smeller into the work, seduces him with quick consumption of easily digestible extracts, infatuates the top note with an onrush of denaturised components, and engages him in a hunt for mysterious circular tokens. Echoes from a bygone era vitalise the hiker on his way into a playful abyss.

Flacon Trash Can

Tunnel of Passion

The best-selling product of specialised retailers teems with physical ingredients. It is the bouncer among perfumes, which no rebellious top note can go past. Its crude nature renders this digester gas timeless and pretentiously unrealistic.

Flacon Umbrella Flacon Umbrella Flacon Umbrella  Flacon Umbrella

Corrupted Colors

An armada of artificial ingredients confuses the senses and curries favor with the consumer. Fancyful masks cover the top note and distract from the pecuniary base. A conciliatory heart drapes the surroundings into objective materialism. The innovative flacons are foldable.

Flacon Megaphone


The flamboyant vial reminds of an haute couture show where the protoganists are confidently binge-purging over the catwalk. The top note is full of fresh botox ambrosia, while the base is coquetting with precious silicon. This wonderful interpretation of the extended vogue term does even enchant fashion grouches.

Flacon Toilet Paper

Midsummer Night's Dream

Premium ingredients meticulously dovetailed for the demanding connoisseur cannot be found here. Content and packaging evoke memories of big events in sweltering heat where full to bursting portable toilets are longing to be emptied. An assault on the senses and a product one would gladly decanter into the drain.

Flacon Jerrycan

Sash Luck

The enigmatic Sash Luck has an invigorating smell of freshly deceived debutants. A selection of mystic seals deludes the mind and generates fantasy worlds of chiselled togetherness. Overall impression: most intensive stagnation on an average level.

Flacon Banana

Clockwork Banana

This product is being rediscovered by each new generation. Its athletic approch satisfies common expectations and mingles seamlessly with habitual ideas. A socially accepted dead end for the masses.

Flacon Karate-Doctor Logo

Silver Lining KD

Exclusive at L'Eau de Do, the renowned Karate-Doctor essence comes up with a new livery. The precious flacon is inspired by the mythological silver bullet, a metaphor for fighting horrid creatures and nightmares. The perfect composition for all occasions.


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