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Hi, what are you doing here in the hospital ?


I visited X.


What's wrong with X ?


X was assaulted and ***.      


Good gracious! How is X doing ?


Well, improving, but it takes time.


Doesn't X already have the *** belt.


That's true, but it didn't help, useless, nothing but an illusion.


Really ?


Yes, we have been deceived all the time. But that will have serious consequences. I know exactly who is responsible for it. I will sue this lying pig. I will destroy him.


Whom ... ?


The Karate-Doctor.


Karate-Doctor ?


Of course, he knew exactly what was going on during training and beyond, and he played it down on his website. He trivialized everything, misled and lulled us into a sense of security, ridiculed everything with his cheap jokes, and distracted from the gravity of the situation. I will bring him to justice. I will put an end to all the crap. This monster. The club president also advised me to do so, and he will even support me.


He is always helpful.


Yeah, totally. When X returns, he wants to uplift X with a consolation rank. 




Absolutely. I have to go now. Until next time.


 2012  TDI