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          My Do musical note

  (Antisensei Cover Version)




And now, the end is near;

And so I face my final grading.

Sensei, I'll say it clear,

I've paid my fee for darker shading.


I've trained less than I should.

I've dodged the heat and took a deep bow;
But more, much more than this,
I did it my Do.

KiAis, I've made a few; 

But then again, too few to mention.
I shirked what I had to do 

And bungled through without exemption.


I loitered at each training course;

Each higher step led to my next low,

But more, much more than this,
I did it my Do.

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I cadged more than I could chew.

But through it all, when there was doubt,
I covered up and fooled the crowd.
I sweet-talked all and had to stall;             

And did it my Do.

I've bragged, I've bribed and lied.

I scratched my nose; my share of bruising.
And now, as fists collide,

I find it all so abusing.

To think I did all that;
And may I say - not with a kept vow,

"No, oh no not me,
I did it my Do".

For what is a quack, what has he got?
If no loud mouth, then he has naught.

To say the things that most appeal;

And never cares to whom to kneel.
The record shows I did brown-nose
And did it my Do!


musical note

                                                                                      2005 TDI