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Welcome to this year's world championship in chess. The two competitors X and Y are already seated behind the board.


While X has the traditional white pieces with advertising stickers, Y's pieces are painted in the metallic colors of his sponsor.


The players are quite different characters. Just look at X's insanely well-toned body with muscles bulging from under his jacket. This is unique in the history of this event.


Even as we speak, he opens with pawn J2 to J4. Y replies with knight I10 to H8.


Let's watch the match for a while without comment. Remember that this is the first tournament with standardised equipment, starting with the 5 kilogram light pawns, followed by bishop, knight, rook, jester, and queen in 5 kg steps up to the 35 kg heavy king.


This will annoy many purists, yet all you smartasses out there be advised: "Everything changes - live with it !"


There is also a fierce debate about other planned rule modificatins, but I am convinced that the second king will eventually be accepted like the third queen today.


Y is moving another rook, and one can spot first signs of fatigue.


Definitely, compare this with the ease X is handling his material. It is obvious that a generation change is looming. The 30-year-old Y has passed the peak of his career, and the future belongs to young and modern athletes.


But what is this ? With both hands X is lifting a rook up in the air and tosses it towards Y, who can barely dodge. How is he going to react ?


For the moment not at all. Nothing is happening on the board. The clock is ticking, and it is Y's turn. He seems baffled, rises, turns to the audience, and starts hopping from one foot to the other like a harlequin on speed.


A completely logical performance, since the guidelines stipulate that every minute there has to be at least one admissible action, or else a penalty move will be imposed, that is, the other player may execute two moves in a row.  


Y turns to the board and ... makes ... that looks like ... indeed, he swaps the position of a queen and a rook and shifts a pawn horizontally. 


This manoeuvre is called rooking. It is extremely difficult, because all three pieces have to be moved simultaneously with the mandatory boxing gloves.


Y has done it ! Incredible.


Absolutely, he is grinning so broadly that his mouthguard is nearly falling out.


Suddenly X jumps up, kicks the table, all pieces fall on the floor. Now Y has 90 seconds to arrange everything the way it was. Should he succeed, he will win the tournament, otherwise X will win. A tactical master stroke, a display of genius to trade on Y's battered stamina. 


This substantiates once again the intellectual basis, which some clueless and incapable critics want to deny modern chess sport.


Will he make it ? It's a close call. That might, no, time's up. The new heavyweight champion of the world in full contact chess is X !


After a short break we return with the after-match show, followed by the documentary "Olympic - why not ?". Stay tuned ! 


 2015 UNE