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Examinations V







It is not possible.


Yes, it is.


No, it is completely unrealistic.


But I've seen it on TV.


On TV. We're not on TV but in reality. 


Whatever, it is feasible.


It is utterly absurd.


I am sure that I can do it.


Your instructor told you that it is out of the question.


But it is really important.


There are things one cannot get. No chance.


It was possible with grandpa.


We are no more living in the dark ages.


Maybe I should change to a different club.


That wouldn't change anything. Grow up.


When I ask enough people, it might work some day.


Keep spreading it around and you will become the laughing stock of people.


Perhaps others want it too.


None of your friends thinks about such nonsense.


There have to be some exceptions.


Go and ask your father. He will also confirm that it is impossible.


Confirm what ?


Well, your son got a weird idea; he insists on failing a rank examination.



 2009 NED