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Stargate Budo Association



Greetings, earthlings! We are the Ripoffs and come from a far away planet outside your galaxy. We offer you thraldom, window dressing, self-delusion, false prophets, lies, mental enfeeblement, and a cushy atmosphere, as well as the smallest charges in the entire sector. In return, you will get documents with foreign letters, nice stamps, colorful rank insignia, an internal hierarchy for motivation, and the inhabitants of nine planets take you for a great warrior caste.

You've got one week to decide whether you want to follow us.


Actually, dude, thanks but no thanks.


We've already got something like that.


Not again that crap.


At least they tell the truth.


Well, but travelling so far just for the same shit.


Why wander around in the distance when bad things lie nearby.


I won't fall for that all over .


Do you have at least a cool Ripoff-Doctor website ?


 2009 NNZ