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Ultra Short Stories IV


31 - 40



31 : Gift


The members clubbed together and presented the local antisensei a voucher for a free autopsy.



32 : Realism


In order to increase the undisturbed flow of kata presentations, prompters were placed in unobstructed view of the participants.



33 : Incentives


The budo association tried to stop the member drain by introducing weekly rank promotions with new belt hues.



34 : Substitute


Damn, I forgot my belt.


Take mine, I've got a spare one.


But the rank color is three levels above mine.


Doesn't matter; no one will notice.



35 : Tax Office


Dear Mr Club Chairman. The deductability of your expenses for belt examinations is not possible because these are regarded as donations.



36 : Alternative aka Famous Last Words


"I am the sensei, I am the sensei.

 If anyone doesn't like it, he should"



37 : Insight


After having studied the failure statistics, the examinees realized that exam nerves are irrational.



38 : Advice


In view of the announced raise in value added tax, consumers are recommended to buy a new rank still in this year. 



39 : Fiat


The self-promotion by members was rigorously declined by the budo association because the correct payment of graduation fees could not be secured.



40 : Improvement


Field tests show that substituting the current examiners by a coin toss would render the quality of rank examinations 75% more accurate.



 2008  EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE