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Ultra Short Stories III


21 - 30



21 : Growth


In order to get more high-graded members, the national budo association considered to make showering an integral part of rank examinations.



22 : Advancement


From antisensei to green belt student -- a dream career came true.



23 : The Praise


Again and again X had to remember the last days. It was the biggest praise he ever got. And he received it from one of the most respected grandmasters who said that these were the best techniques he had ever seen from a beginner. X was still hilarious. Suddenly his memories were interrupted: "When does the training begin, master ?"



24 : Megalomania aka Famous Last Words


"I am the sensei, I am the sensei.

 I am the sensei, I am the"



25 : Time Loop


I believe we are caught in a time loop.


How come ?


I am sure to have experienced all of this several times before, exactly the same, the same people with the same crap techniques and the same bullshit attitudes.


Nonsense, this is no time loop. Those were the rank tests three, six, nine, and twelve months ago.



26 : ***Classified***





27 : Lost Property


An antisensei was scrolling on the beach. Suddenly he spotted an old colorful bottle. It was dirty all over, and the antisensei carefully rubbed it clean. In a flash a cloud of smoke appeared, and a genie stood in front of him. The antisensei said:  


"I suppose I will now be granted three wishes ?!"


The genie replied:


"I am the genie, I am the genie.

 You do not expect me to fulfill wishes on the beach."


The antisensei had bumped into an anti-genie.



28 : Stargate Anti-Association


The anti-association reassured that the railway tunnel was a genuine worm hole.



29 : Perfect Crime


The employees registered their hated colleague at a training class with the anti-dojo.



30 : Look Back


Shortly after the local anti-master had left the dojo, he heard a loud explosion. The noise sounded familiar to him, and after the second bang he knew it had to be gunshots. The charlatan jumped aside and took cover behind a tree.

Meanwhile the explosions intensified. The anti-master hoped not to get hit by the machine guns. When the noise ceased, he carefully left his hideout and observed the dojo, just in time to see the last champagne corks flying through the air.



 2007  EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE