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Ultra Short Stories II


11 - 20



11 : Alternative


"Well, did you like the petting zoo ?"


"It was already closed. Instead I took the kids to a training class at

 the anti-dojo."



12 : Quote aka The First Glance at the Anti-Dojo


Veni - Vidi - Smiley



13 : Tournament


When V frowned at his opponent, he got half a point, and the audience applauded enthusiastically.



14 : Modern Times


The brown belt students watched the other green belt students perform a kata.



15 : Zoo aka Famous Last Words


"I am the sensei, I am the sensei.

 Even this tiger respects me as his"



16 : Staff Meeting


"Kick out the story about the landing of the extraterrestrials. On the front page we put the guy who failed the belt examination."



17 : Piecework


In the heat of the moment during the graduation event, the antisensei promoted several spectators and a basset hound.



18 : Precision


The examinees had performed most of their test program. Their techniques were wishy-washy, their stances were shaky, and the distances to their opponents were unrealistic. Even after the third repetition, their katas were only identifiable because being verbally announced. The anti club chairman got mad. It was the rage of someone who knew exactly what mattered. Time and again he had explained it to them during the preparation. His sharp criticism was the hardest thing the candidates had ever heard from him: "Damn it, how often did I tell you that it is precision that counts. I want the exact grading fee."



19 : Marketing


The executives hoped to increase the media attractiveness of kumite events by introducing hundreth of points, so called micro-ippons.



20 : Career


Well kids, what do you want to become when you are grown up ?


I want to become a car thief.


I see. And you ?


Bank robber.


Indeed! And the others ?


Drug courier.


Loan shark.




Mariage impostor.


You don't say.


Toxic-waste dumper.


Same as daddy.


Money launderer.










I want to talk to your parents, and you will immediately report to the principal.



 2006  EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE