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Ultra Short Stories I


1 - 10




1 : Confirmation


X made a technique, actually it should be two, but of the second one he only knew the name. And the first one he performed rather half-heartedly, somewhat askew and clumsily. He noticed it, and so did his students. "Is it correct that way?" one asked. X looked down, spotted the black belt around his hips, it had to be right, without doubt he was a master, and said completely convinced: "Yes, that's exactly how it is supposed to be !"



2 : As Time Goes By


Y looked on his calendar. Finally, the waiting period was over. He had now qualified for the next higher rank.



3 : Honor


The antisensei went to the middle of the room, bowed deeply and said in a humble manner: "Your majesty, you have called for me." The reply came with a friendly but determined voice: "We and the queen are excited of your work. We heard of the wicked hostility you are exposed to, and we want to help. Because of your merits you will be knighted and raised to the peerage. You will also be granted the position of the country's prime sensei." The Antisensei rose and looked proudly around. "OK folks, time for your medication," announced the nurse.



4 : Job Center


"What did you do in the past ?"


"Most of the time I worked as an antisensei."


"Oh well, we just got a vacancy for a magical potion salesman."



5 : The Agony of Choice


Z considered what to do on the next weekend:

pub, cinema, or belt examination.



6 : Core Competence


The anti-examiner started his new job at the junkyard. Even on his first day he showed busy activity mounting on all vehicles badges from Jaguar, Porsche, and Ferrari.



7 : Offer aka Famous Last Words


"I am the sensei, I am the sensei.

 Everybody who is against me can now"



8 : Preference


The other day in the locker room:


"Where would you prefer to practise ?

 A - at the antisensei club, or B - at"


" B "



9 : Invasion


When the extraterrestrial invadors approached the earth, the target was routinely scanned by sensors. Finally one observed the events in the antisensei clubs. The lieutenant asked, "Commander, what are we going to do? How can this culture be destroyed most effectively? Phasers? Impulse bombs? Combat robots?" The commander answered calmly, "Waiting."



10 : Trial


"Plaintiff - please advance your claim."


"The defendant insulted me."


"How ?"


"By calling me ´deluded decadent minion´."


"Why ?"


"Because I work for an antisensei all night long and always do him



"Case dismissed !"



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