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        Less         is More


Nothing is Everything


Homeopathy Fighting





Way of Empty Nothing




The civilised method of self-defence and personality development.


HoFiDo is an advancement of applied holiday camp Budo on wellness principles.


The international HoFiDo association offers new classes in this traditional martial art.





  • Motivational talks
  • Study group: power is silly
  • Anti-kiai in theory and practice
  • First aid at suspicion of bruises
  • Massages
  • Technique attempts
  • Video about applications
  • Deterrence by hint to belt color
  • Role play: I am master - You are master
  • Fun + self-confidence = rank





Our certified hypermasters, gigamasters, megamasters and supermasters usher you in record time to any wanted rank.






Technical skills are optimized on air column punching bags and

field tested with full contact on holographic opponents.


Exploring the spiritual dimension by ritual salutations and apologies.


Philosophical foundation: Less is More ---> Nothing is Everything.


Collective tearing of Karate-Doctor articles.


The training concludes with the promotion to 2. Kyuddle (fluffy pinkbelt).


HoFiDoKa from the previous year may be appointed Sensai = Mastar.


Venturesome participants are provided the opportunity to attend their examinations.






HoFiDo is patented, certified, and pasteurised.

HoFiDo is member of the society for condemnation of exam nerves.

HoFiDo is recognised by the international grading brotherhood on honor.




        Less         is More


Nothing is Everything



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