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The ultimate Kick



The Budo Light Method (BLIM) simulates the atmosphere of genuine rank examinations, without abandoning the certainty of promotion. The BLIM imparts the feeling of actually being tested. The BLIM exposes the risk-loving martial artist to open criticism without any consequence. The thrill of experiencing real exam nerves procures long lasting memories which hardly differ from those of true examinations.





  • Criticism of mistakes
  • Repetition of omitted parts
  • No eating and drinking during performance
  • Disparaging remarks on random basis
  • Comparison with lifeforms from the animal kingdom
  • Threat of mentioning by name on the Karate-Doctor website
  • Mean looking examiners
  • Threat of prolonged waiting period until the next rank promotion



Customer Feedback


  • I was carried on Mount Everest three times, but this is much more lifelike.
  • I've never been so close to exam nerves.
  • Super realistic, I nearly removed some of my bling.
  • Going to the limit has always been my dream, now I see what might be possible.
  • You got to experience this, like time travel to real examinations.
  • The idea of actually failing is somewhat terrifying.
  • Gets you hooked on, a pity that there are so few belt colors.
  • Great, when I was panned, a candy bar nearly dropped out of my pie-hole.
  • Now I can finally tell the grandchildren about my adventures.
































!!!  NEW  !!!

Mock Failing *

with delayed handover of the rank certificate

* Minimum age 18 years and subject to previous medical check up






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 2009 TDI


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