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The rules of Budo Memory correspond to the usual Memory game, with one exception:

the object is not to match two images but one image and one term,



for example


musical note
Anti Kiai




The combination possibilities are not unequivocal, but there is at least one consistent solution.



Graduation thumbs-up

Anti Dojo

10 euro bill

game over


jester hat

Antisensei 100 euro bill Examination Technique gift Megalomania
roll Minion zero Official Examination


Examiner License


Anti Kiai pied piper Failure Rate


soap bubble Anti Examiner dead end High Ranks Children Training Sponsor
Beginner´s Course soap bubble Progress roundabout Low Ranks exclamation mark
500 euro bill hourglass Decadence

Examination Rules 

musical note

Anti Association



Cards to fill in yourself




Here one has to add a fitting term


cart green traffic light

crime scene

5 past 12 soother

rose-colored glasses

? ? ? ? ? ?




and here a fitting image.



? ? ? ? ?


Charlatan Anti Student Consumption Requirement Favor


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