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OK, what have we got ?


The victim is male, 1.80 m, about 30 years old.


Cause of death ?


Have a look.


Is that what it looks like ?


Yes, he is wrapped into long colored ribbons. But that didn't kill him.


What was it ?


Actually, it was the black belt round his hips. He was fatally overrated.


Who found him ?


A neighbor heard funny screams and called the budo-paramedics.

They tried to demote the vic, but the belt force trauma was too severe. 


Any clues ?


We found colored fabric spatter all over his appartment but nothing outside.


Must have been one of these illegal home graduations.


Probably. It's already the fifth case this month. I think we are dealing with a serial anti-examiner.


But this time we found parts of a rank certificate with a partial stamp print and a signature on it.





We ran a search in the examiner-licence database and got a match.

It's the chairman from the *** club. He is now our main suspect.


Any idea of the motive ?


It seems that the antisensei demanded favors. They had an argument, and finally he gave the vic a rank overdose. Promoted him point blank to black belt, probably with self-made documents. 


Poor guy must have seen it coming. No sign of defense. See that crazy grin on his face. He really trusted the charlatan. 


Yes, he fell for the master illusion, but substance wise he was on medium level, at most. Must have totally underestimated the effect of the grading gap.


Remember last week, the street bollards with the yellow belts around them ? Seems that the rumors are true; the quack really does promote anything.





We booked the antisensei. First he claimed to have an alibi. Said he had been framing club members in the sycophant bar. Eventually he confessed when the GSR put him at the crime scene.




Graduation Stamp Residue. The evidence never lies.

 2007 GNM