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Weather Forecast for Budo-Land


Short Term

For the relevant region, the average degrees are 3 to 5 levels too high for the real condition.

On the weekend, mild belt examinations, occasionally slight criticism. On Monday, moaning advanced classes, mostly very degenerate. Throughout the week, increasingly unsettled and hardly brighter. By day massive denials from the budo association, overnight honest insight intervals with partly self-exposure.



Risk of isolated outbreaks of genuine rank tests with the possibility of failing. All overrated members are advised to stay in their anti-dojos.





Until the end of the month, mostly heavy rank give-away activity with minimum requirements and below. After windy talks by club chairmen, high probability of local events with graduation storms. At the end of the season, torrential promotions are expected. Large areas are threatened by antisensei precipitation and anti-student floods.


 2007 UNE