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Examinations IV




Guys, I think that our instructor is incompetent.


Why's that ?


He has been constantly criticising me - bad stance, too slow, too weak, and so on.


He even told me that I wasn't advanced enough for the next higher rank.


That is exactly what he told several other students.


What will you do now ?


Last weekend I had my belt examination, and I passed without any problem. No remark that I would do anything wrong whatsoever.


Same with me.


And in general ?


Some people were significantly worse than me. I mean, when those did pass, I deserve it even more. 


Did you see the one with the slip of paper, always looking up his next move ? 


Yes, and one guy always cried "ouch" when being warded off. After some time he purposely missed the target.


I liked best the dude who left during his performance in order to not miss "Lost" on TV.


What happened then ?


They mailed him his new rank certificate.


And the others ?


Everybody passed. And our coach suggests that we are not good enough.


He only wants to show off. In the future, I let the wise guy talk and do it my way.


I really wonder whether to attend his training classes any longer. It might cause me some bad habits.


 2008 NED