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Today : Movies and TV






Antisensei, what means .... ?






That is a documentary about the number of people which I graduate every month.



Doctor Zhivago


I promoted him to orange belt, and then he wrote a book about Lara Croft.



For A Few Dollars More


Yes, especially in martial arts entertainment one has to come up with new products to provide consumers with incentives to buy over and over again.



G.I. Joe


The gi is white so that one can better show the belt colors.



Gone With The Wind


Right, people tend to forget very quickly; one can sell them cucumbers as green bananas and as proof of authenticity present some smarmy minion in an ape costume eating them



Gran Torino


For training seminars I always rent a car at the club's expense so that I can drive the instructor and be the only one he gets in contact with. 



Midnight Meat Train


At night, the helpers procure the food for our training courses.





That is the big wall mirror in our gym, and when I stand in front of it,

one can see me from behind; that is awesome.



Mutiny on the Bounty


There is no such thing in my club; I am the captain of my bark.



Paranormal Activity


That are again those Karate-Doctor weirdos; I mean it's not normal what they are doing; that is bad for business and unsettles club members.





Indeed, guests from abroad love to practice with my people.





That are martial art techniques with music.





Um, well, my club is the prime address, and soon I will go public.





That are renegade members who founded their own club without my permission.



Star Wars


That is the story about a jedi master who turned to the dark side of the examination rules.



The Bridge On The River Kwai


True, the kiai bridge did start in my club.



The Color Purple


Exactly, even the purple belt does only cost ten euros.



The Fifth Element


The five traditional elements of martial art are kihon, kata, kumite,

waiting period, and graduation fee.



The Frog Prince


That is when you kiss a green belt until he becomes a sponsor.



The Reader


During rank tests I read the donation rules, and then the customers will be graduated.





That was once a big club until they got a master who was only a beginner.



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