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Today : Movies and TV




Antisensei, what means .... ?




Apocalypse Now


That would happen without me, and therefore I must always be re-elected.





That is when I always tell people how good and beautiful my club is, and I need many helpers, and we are very popular, and everybody knows me and ...



Butterfly Effect


That is when very low skills can bring about very high ranks.





Right, I am also very popular with people from abroad.



Games Without Frontiers


It is very important that people always have fun and pass all examinations, then they will stay in the club and do you favors.





That is one of my fans, who crossed the local mountains with pigs just to practise with me.



Harry Potter


That is also one of my fans, and he will soon become our sponsor.





I am the number one.





That happens when willing helpers pull an all-nighter for my popularity.



King Kong


That is someone I know quite well from the children's class, and everything he knows he knows from me.



Lord of the Rings


That is me when distributing the colored roundish belts.





Um, uh, yes, we got many events, and we don't want to have stress, and everybody envies us because I am the boss.





My club is one of the biggest.



Master and Commander


I am the sensei and the boss.





That is the illusory world people are made to believe whilst being exploited.





That is when people forget very fast what they have been promised.



Mission Impossible


Failing belt examinations.



Nobody is the Greatest


That is me.





That is one of my former students with a green belt.





We are very family friendly, and the children classes are led by myself

so that everybody will stay in the club, and then the parents can be

tied up tied in, and the other day the father of ... ... ... .. .



The 4400


That is how big my club is going to be.





That is when crashing a big budo association together with its members.





That are the willing helpers carrying goods for my events.



West Wing


That is the small room in the multi purpose hall, where I am always re-elected by 1 % of the club members.





That are people longing to get a rank from me.



 2007  EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE