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Today : Art




Antisensei, what means .... ?




Abstract Painting


That is when performing non-recognizable techniques.





That is the tint on the belt, showing how often one has already paid the

grading fee.





That is when always making up ever new justifications for giving away ranks.





That is when promoting a purple belt student who actually is a green belt student to brown belt because he has never been yellow belt.





That is when interpreting one's shortcomings as a unique style.



Extended Art Term


That is when someone being incompetent is acclaimed by others who are also incompetent.





That is when expressing through the belt color how good one would like to be.





That is when today attesting someone a level which he might reach in ten years.





That is when wanting to get promoted because having the impression that other students are even worse.





That is when getting as high as possible ranks with as low as possible abilities.



Naive Painting


That is when believing that my own ranks have anything to do with skill.



New Objectivity


That is when not promoting someone because it would be justified and thus attract attention.



Old Masters


Um, yes, uh, that was a long time ago, today people want to have fun and then stay in the club even if they do not practise any more, and I am the boss, and our events are very popular with people from outside.





That is when portraying a donkey as a stallion in order to get the permission to ride on it.





That is when a club looks good from a distance but when getting closer turns out to consist of many overrated people.



Pop Art


That is when distributing many colorful freebie ranks to lift the spirits.





That is when promoting someone so that he will stay in the club.



Still Life


That is the members' reaction on me doubling my club wage.





That are colored belts on white uniforms with fancy explanations.





That is when promoting a brown belt student to green belt student because there are too many yellow belt members.





That is when letting the presentable members perform at events.


 2007  EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE