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13 - 23





A sport machine had the complaint   

That his repute was so faint

He won tournaments

And beat up cattle with his hands

And rightly unknown he remained





The anti-master fumed

When he was lampooned

And his scam was debunked

And his nimbus was junked

And his downfall loomed










A consumer pined for more

What might be for him in store

Like symbols of power

And tinsel to devour

His lore was not galore 








Some activists were really sad

Because the climate was so bad

They glued their hands

To an elelctric fence

That made them really mad



A black hole told aloud

What its existence was about

It launched a podcast to reveal

Its inner working and its zeal

But none of this came out




An influencer joined a course

To improve his fighting force

For his aesthetics

He gobbled cosmetics

And left on all fours



A snake oil salesman got the notion

To promote his latest potion

In a club with experts

And certified nerds

That just caused a big commotion




100 kilos muscle mass

Thought it was of upper class

Dreamt of setting up its reign

And to ride the gravy train

Reality proved it a farce






A parrot wanted to connect

By speaking politically correct

It created a rift

When his colleagues were miffed

And started in droves to defect



A life coach talked with eloquence

About his utter competence

But no one disputed

That he could be substituted

By an app with artificial intelligence




A koala decided to commence

Studying the self-defence

He asked the grizzly for advice

Who just said "scale up your size"

It was a vain experience


      2024 TDI