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Once there was an association

Which tried to rule the budo nation

They sold for a fee

Any degree

And caused a rank inflation




The antisensei hoped to reign

With an everlasting fame

He was not amused

And quite confused

When the Karate-Doctors came





A follower with no-leaf clover

Began to think his life all over

He changed his fate

Bought a new grade

And a new pullover




An anti-master told me a story

Of his power and his glory

Of his courage and his fame

And his most respected name

His mental state just made me worry



An association said with glee

It would increase the grading fee

They needed money to exhibit

The true traditional budo spirit

I quickly bought my next degree



A truly phoney budo master

Was keen to get his next dan faster

He bungled clearly

But brown-nosed dearly

And thus accomplished the disaster




The antidan from not afar

Told me he was so popular

With servile friends

And fawning hands

That made me puke all over






The association told a member

To obey and to surrender

He would get another dan

For his pleasure and his fun

If he stopped his web agenda



A charlatan from Germany

Reluctantly confessed to me

He would be great

With his new grade

He only had to pay the fee




An association got the notion

To invent a magic potion

So every member would obey

Not hesitate to pave its way

It turned out as a horse back lotion




A tinsel master had the opinion

That everyone should be his minion

He called them fans

And sometimes friends

Subject to bearing his dominion




If you feel your club decay

Chase the antidan away

Kick his ass

Remove the mess

That will really make your day



2006 TDI